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A Typical Day

Diverse Learning Environments

Children learn through play all day. At Amanda's Childcare we offer lots of games and activities that will not only be enjoyable and fun to do, but will also educational to allow every child to develop into a confident, and well rounded individual. All activities will be age appropriate, many of them are child-led to encourage individuality and imagination and enjoyed by all of the different age groups.

The children are taught the importance of sharing and respecting one another.


Music Dance and Song Time

All the music chosen are nursery rhyme themes, fireman Sam and songs from frozen, and also classical music. All of the different age groups are encouraged to join in and sing along. We use use different props such as guitar and piano to help the children interact. We encourage dance moves and enjoy working as a team to put on small shows.


Imaginative Play Arts and Crafts

Dressing up, role play, small world play e.g garage and cars, castle and knights, little people sets various, farm, tractors and animals, zoo with animals, construction toys, dolls and push chairs, cribs, high chair, shop with cash register, kitchen with pots, pans, wooden train sets, puppets, play house, tent, cube and tunnel. Drawing, painting, chalk board, etcha-sketch, crayons, felt tips, aqua draw mat, sticking and pasting, making collages, playing with gloop, making celebration decorations, crepe and tissue paper art, making cards, pasta pictures, molding with clay, bubble painting, blow painting, play dough.



Fairy cakes, cornflake cakes, cakes, bread rolls, biscuits, flapjacks, rice crispy cakes, cheesy straws. 

In The Garden

Sand table includng wet & dry sand/buckets and spades/Animals, Cars and Trucks/Bottles, jugs and various containers/ sieves and funnels/moulds. Water table including Bottles/ jugs/ containers/Sieves and funnels/bubbles/coloured water/glitter water/water beads and cubes/Floating and Sinkin, Mud corner including buckets, wheel barrows, shovels, planters, jugs, water  and soil water wall including bottles, jugs, funnels, pipes, buckets, containers and water. Tree house with slide/wooden pirate ship/large chalk boards/Bikes and Scooters/Trampoline/ Playhouse/Bikes and Scooters/Pushchairs/ Dolls/Bats and Balls/Buckets and Spades/hula hoops/bean bags/Activitiy table/planting.

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