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Unleash Your Fury with Kick the Buddy 1.5.0 Mod APK (Money and Rockets Included)

Get AK-47, Grenades, Swords or even Godly powers and unleash them on the dummy in a gaming form! Does it call you a loser? Take the Rocket, and make it the Rocket Buddy! Frustrated enough to beat the boss? Better use the good old buddy punch!

kick the buddy 1.5.0 mod apk

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Kick The Buddy is an action game that helps you discharge stress, anger and eliminate effective stress. The game released by Playgendary has simple gameplay combined with a funny image design. You will meet a bear named Buddy, and you can punch, hit, kick or throw it to discharge your anger. The game will make you happier and make sure the anger will disappear.


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