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Health & Safety Policy

The Health and Safety of your child is very important to me and I have therefore documented the following procedures that I have in place to support this.

  • All toys will be checked and cleaned regularly to ensure they are safe for your child to use. Any broken or hazardous toys will be removed immediately. Children will only be offered toys and resources that are suitable for their age/stage of development

  • All equipment will be checked and cleaned regularly. All equipment is fitted with the correct safety harnesses to prevent accidents, for example highchair and pushchairs.

  • I carry out a daily visual risk assessment every morning before the children arrive.

  • Car seats are checked regularly to ensure they are correctly fitted. I will never use a second hand car seat, as I wouldn’t know its history.

  • My car is regularly serviced and has a current valid MOT certificate. I keep the child safety locks on the back doors activated. My car insurance is for Business use class 1.

  • I use safety equipment appropriate for the children in my care, i.e. stair gates, cupboard locks etc. These are checked regularly.

  • I have procedures in place in the event of a fire and have regular fire drills so the children know what to do in the event of a fire.

  • I keep my kitchen very clean, following hygiene guidelines on the storing of food, keeping the fridge and freezer at the correct temperatures ( 0-5 & -18) etc.

  • Any food allergies the children may have are to be discussed at the start of the contract. A list of all foods that may be served to the children is kept on file with a note of any allergens that may be in it.

  • I ensure that the children do not have access to any waste, the bins are emptied daily and any used nappies are double wrapped and placed in the outdoor rubbish bin. All bodily fluids, vomit, blood etc, are disposed of quickly using gloved hands, paper towels and all disposable cleaning equipment used to clean up are disposed of in plastic bags that are tied up and put into an outside bin inaccessible to the children

  • I do not permit smoking in any part of my home at anytime.

  • I follow strict hygiene guidelines to prevent contamination.

  • I have strict Safeguarding guidelines in place (see separate policy)

  • Children must stay with me when we are away from the home. Younger child will be strapped in a pushchair, older children will either be on a harness or wrist strap, or holding onto my hand/pushchair.

  • I have emergency contact details with me at all times should I need to contact the parents.

  • I will work with you to teach the children about safety issues like crossing the road and stranger danger.

  • I will work with you to teach the children about making healthy food choices and physical exercise.

  • Sleeping children will be regularly monitored

  • I will discourage the children from keeping ‘secrets’

  • I will restrain a child if they are putting themselves or others in danger, for example running into a road.

If you have any concerns regarding the health and safety of your child please discuss them with me.

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