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Daily Program

Childcare Information

PLEASE NOTE. All fees are payable on the day, weekly or one month in advance. We accept childcare vouchers.

We offer term-time only contracts.  A deposit may be required.

Daily Routine

We thought it might be nice for you to get an idea of the basic routine in the setting. This is just a rough idea as some days we have other activities such as rhyme time at the library or will spontaneously make the most of nice weather and go out for the day. 


By clicking on the activities you can see the types of activities we do or by visiting the our gallery page you can see the children during some of these activities.

Daily items to be brought with your child

We have included items to be brought with your child in order to provide you with as much information as possible. These items include the child’s nappies and items such as sun cream, and hat. More information can be found on required items in the drop down menu.

Managing difficult behaviour

Unfortunately most children have their moments and turn into little monkeys. We will log every episode and will present you the parent with how we aim to deal with any challenging behaviour. If any long term issues arise we will work together to overcome these.

Policies and procedures

We have provided you with a look at the policies and procedures that we work to. More information can be obtained if requested. As a parent who is new to child care this may look daunting but this is a requirement set out by Ofsted. Once you have looked through them we are sure you with discover there is nothing you wouldn’t expect and you will be put at ease that your child is in very safe hands.

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