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We have devised our menu to ensure that all the children are offered a home cooked, nutritious hot meal each day, every day. Our cook prepares and cooks all food daily onsite in our kitchen. Children are encouraged (age appropriate) to use their knives and forks whilst eating to promote good manners, modeling good behaviour from there peers.


All meals, snacks, drinks and activities are provided free of charge. Outing may incur a cost but this is always discussed with parents prior to outing. I do not provide nappies, wipes, cream or formula milk for babies. Please read our required items for the day. I also ask parents to provide the food for babies who are weaning.


Breakfast (7.30 - 8 am) This will incur a cost please contact me for further information. 
Breakfast consists of cereal and toast, with a drink of water, squash or fruit juice.

I usually have a choice of 3 cereals; examples include Weetabix, Shreddies, Rice Krispies, Cornflakes, Coco Pops.

Lunch (11.30 am - 12 pm) (No hot meal is provided at lunch time)
This is a sandwich meal of wholemeal bread/wraps/buns. Fillings include cheese, ham, chicken, tuna, and jam. Accompaniments may be cucumber & carrot sticks, raisins. Sandwiches are followed by yogurt, biscuit, small cake, crisps and fruit.

If we are out I will either provide a picnic or choose from the menu available - so children may have a pasta dish, jacket potato, chicken dippers or fish fingers for example. Pre-school children will normally have a hot meal at lunchtime.

After school snack
Children can choose toast/crumpets, vegetable sticks and/or piece of fruit.

Tea time (4.30 - 5 pm)
Tea time meals may consist of spaghetti bolognaise & garlic bread, shepherds pie & vegetables, meatballs & pasta, casserole & potato, pasta bakes, curry and ric and roast dinners.  Sometimes one meal will provide all of the "5 a day" vegetables!

Desserts vary but may include yogurts, ice cream, fruit, home made cake, jelly.

Water is always available. Children may also choose a diluted drink to accompany their meals.

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