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Required Items

Items to be brought with your child on the day


Parents need to provide all nappies, wipes and creams that need to be used by your child. Bottles for babies should also be made up and brought along for the day.


Parents should provide us with at least one complete change of clothes, sun cream, sun hats, wellingtons boots, coat, gloves, hat and rain coat. It's always good idea to provide some old clothes which can be worn when doing painting, and any messy play.


Parent's can also if they want to bring a comfort item such as a cuddley toy or blanket which your child is familiar with so he or she can sleep with. However we also provide blankets for each child to use at nap time.


Any or all items can be brought in a rucksack or bag and can be taken home at the end of each and everyday or at the end of the week, so that items can be replaced.


We provide the children's meals free of charge including breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks. Please note we aim to provide healthy and nutritious meals for all children aged one and over. Before the aged of one bottles and weaning food and pacifiers must be provided by all parents.

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